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About Our Repair Services

Bicycle Repair on ALL Bikes and Models!

Basic Tune Up

The basic tune up is where the Cycling Season begins!

We start with a safety check which ensures that your bicycle is roadworthy (or, trail worthy!). This includes adjustment of the headset, hubs, gears, and breaks. The wheels are closely inspected and trued.
Additional Charge for Parts

Major Tune Up

Basic Tune up and:

The drive train is completely disassembled (this includes chain, derailleur, cassettes, and cranks) and scrubbed sparkling clean.
Additional Charge for Parts


This is the complete disassembly of the bicycle. All parts are cleaned, lubed, and inspected before putting it all back together like new!
Additional Charge for Parts

Smitty's Cyclery

Recommends having your bike checked out once a year for general maintenance, minimum worry, and maximum fun!